FYG (Find Your Glow) have created an exquisitely unique, clever candle to accompany the familiar, welcome, changing landscapes, moods, beauty and contrasting abundance that the seasons gift us, here in the UK.

The double-layered Seasons candles come in a contemporary, beautiful metallic container - Gold for Spring / Summer and Pewter for Autumn / Winter.  The 900g, hand-poured  candle is split between the fragrances of Spring and Summer and the candle burns for 120 hours in total.

FYG's Spring / Summer candle has been created to burn through the familiar fragrances of two seasons. First, Spring unfolds welcome notes of balsamic Cedarwood, exotic Ylang Ylang, refreshing Neroli, uplifting Orange, intensely green Galbanum and honeyed Mimosa.

Once the Spring layer has satiated your senses and scented your space, Summer begins to burn its contrasting notes: cheerfully fizzing Orange, hypnotic Rose, herbaceous Geranium, tender and romantic Violet, creamy Sandalwood and warming Amber.



There's more! Once you've burned through the 100% natural and vegan-friendly Spring / Summer candle, you can plant the seed-paper dust card that comes with the candle, in the beautiful Gold pot, recycling it! Fill the pot with soil, water it regularly and you'll see the flowers blossom come Summer!