The Kalmar Peace Balm of Serenity is heavenly fragrant solid that that melts into a light oil when massaged into warm skin, restoring calm and equilibrium, grounding the spirit and reconnecting the mind and the soul. Slip it into your pocket and ab it gently onto pulse points and inhale deeply to feel its experience its immediate calming effects.

The Peace Balm of Serenity will restore your senses, enhance your mood and nourish your skin.

Kalmar products are not tested on animals. Their products are vegan-friendly, free from toxic ingredients and their precious actives are always sustainably sourced.



Top notes of refreshing and soothing Bergamot dry down to balancing, calming Vetiver, at the heart of this balm that becomes a light oil when applied to warm skin. Frankincense reduces feelings of anxiety while grounding, purifying Amber, mood-enhancing Benzoin and earthy, woody Moss help to restore peace of mind.